National Board Exam for Funeral Services

The National Board Exam (NBE) is a comprehensive examination of mortuary science education administered by the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards. The exam is given via computer at remote testing sites throughout the year.

The NBE consists of two separate parts. One covers the Sciences and one covers the Arts of mortuary and funeral services. Most states accept results of the National Board Examination in lieu of part or all of their written state board examination.

Passing the National Board Exam for Funeral Services before getting your associates

FINE Mortuary College students must complete all requirements for graduation before taking the NBE. Students must take the NBE before being awarded the FINE Associate in Applied Science degree.

The annual passage rate of first-time takers on the NBE for the most recent three-year period for FINE and other accredited funeral service education programs is posted on the ABFSE web site