Funeral Service Industry

FINE Mortuary College graduates enter a dynamic, fast-changing industry upon graduation. As the American population ages, the funeral service industry is experiencing robust growth. Changes in the way families and friends remember their departed loved ones have created new and innovative approaches to the celebration of life. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, funeral home and crematory revenue has been growing at a rate of 5.2% per year, even during the difficult economy from 2011-2013.

Funeral service revenue is estimated to reach$16.2 billion in 2014. Approximately, 86% of funeral homes in the United States are privately owned by families, individuals or closely-held companies. The rest are owned by publicly traded corporations. All of these organizations need funeral service professionals, presenting a great career landscape for FINE Mortuary College graduates.

Funeral Service Career Opportunities

An associate’s degree in funeral science opens the door to many career options in the funeral industry. FINE Mortuary College graduates enjoy a variety of options when choosing a career. Career opportunities in mortuary services may include:

Funeral Director

Oversees all aspects of a funeral home operation. Many funeral directors own their own funeral homes while others work in corporate-owned facilities.


Provides embalming services to funeral homes. Some embalmers work for individual funeral homes. Others offer independent services to funeral home clients.

Armed Services Funeral Services

Branches of the military employ funeral services professionals to serve in the preparation of fallen service members.

Pathology Technician

Prepare specimens for examination by a physician in hospital and morgue labs.

Medical Center Specialist

Prepares remains of those who have donated their bodies to medical science or education.

Funeral Supply Sales

Many funeral supply providers require sales personnel to hold a professional funeral service license. Funeral supplies sold may include chemicals, caskets, limos & hearses, clothes and instruments.


Helps the bereaved plan the celebration of the life for the departed.

Crematory Technician

Prepares human remains for cremation, cremates the remains and arranges for disposal of the cremains (ashes).