Funeral Director Career

The US Department of Labor estimates the employment of funeral service workers will grow at an average rate of 12% per year between now and 2022.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites median income for funeral service directors at $68,420 per year and projects a need for 3,200 new funeral service directors by 2022.

Funeral Service Director Tasks

Among the funeral service director’s key task areas:

  • Consult with families or friends of the deceased to arrange funeral details, such as obituary notice wording, casket selection, or plans for services.
  • Direct and supervise work of embalmers, funeral attendants, death certificate clerks, cosmetologists, or other staff.
  • Monitor funeral service operations to ensure that they comply with applicable policies, regulations, and laws.
  • Negotiate contracts for prearranged funeral services.
  • Offer counsel and comfort to families and friends of the deceased.
  • Plan and implement changes to service offerings to meet community needs or increase funeral home revenues.
  • Plan and implement sales promotions or other marketing strategies and activities for funeral home operations.
  • Schedule funerals, burials, or cremations.
  • Sell funeral services, products, or merchandise to clients.
  • Complete and maintain records such as state-required documents, tracking documents, or product inventories.
  • Identify skill development needs for funeral home staff.

Funeral Service Director Tools

Among the tools funeral service directors use in their daily work:

  1. Autopsy tables or accessories
  2. Body bridges
  3. Embalming tables
  4. Mortuary dressing tables
  5. Mortuary operating tables
  6. Cadaver carriers
  7. Cremation stands
  8. Mortuary cots
  9. Cadaver lifter or transfer devices
  10. Casket carriages
  11. Casket lowering devices
  12. Pallbearer casket carriages
  13. Vault lowering devices
  14. Container trailers
  15. Dump trailers
  16. Conveyor roller
  17. Mortuary roller systems
  18. Dating or numbering machines
  19. Numbering machines
  20. Embalming vein drainage tubes
  21. Jugular drain tubes
  22. Mortuary aspirators
  23. Electric mortuary aspirators
  24. Hydro-electric aspirators
  25. Mortuary packs Mouth formers
  26. Protective gloves
  27. Nitrile gloves
  28. Protective latex gloves
  29. Surgical trocars
  30. Trocars

Source: US Department of Labor O*NET