FINE Mortuary College Fact Sheet

FINE Mortuary College’s academic success is shown in its consistently high National Board Scores, its retention rate and its graduation rate. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics*, FINE had a full time student retention rate of 100% and part-time student retention rate of 56%. The graduation rate was 67%. Comparative colleges average 43%.

FINE Mortuary College Faculty-to-Student Ratio

Part of the FINE student’s academic success is due to its low student to faculty ratio. Over the last several years the ratio has averaged approximately 6 to 1.

Employment During Study at FINE

Many of FINE’s students are employed at Funeral Homes and elsewhere while they are earning their Associates Degree in Funeral Service. Many are able to hold full time jobs since they only need to come to FINE for one, or sometimes two, days a week to attend all their classes each term. This class schedule, in which each in-house class meets only one time per week over the term, helps students pay for their education since they are free more time to work.

Financial Aid at FINE Mortuary College

FINE Mortuary College offers financial aid to eligible students. (Link to Tuition and Fees)

Seventy-one percent of FINE students are awarded financial aid in the form of Federal Financial Loans.

*Source: NCES 2010 IPEDS Data Feedback Report