Financial AID

FINE Mortuary College offers financial assistance to those who qualify. FINE participates in Federal Student Aid programs and offers institutional financial aid and scholarships.

The financial aid process at FINE begins with the free Federal Application for Student Assistance (

FINE’s FAFSA School Code: 033164

FINE Mortuary College Financial Aid

Upon receipt of FAFSA documentation, students (and parents, if applicable) meet with FINE’s financial aid staff.
During that meeting, students and/or parents are requested to bring the following documents:

  • Signed copy of Parent’s most recent Federal Income Tax Return, including all schedules, W-2 forms
  • Signed copy of Student’s most recent Federal Income Tax Return, if filed, including all schedules.
  • Most recent Federal Verification Worksheet (Dependent Students)
  • Most recent Federal Verification Worksheet (IndependentStudents)
  • Most recent First Year Authorizations Form
  • Most recent Business/Farm Supplement and corresponding Corporate or Partnership federal tax returns complete with schedules.
  • Estate and Trust Information (If student, siblings or parents are beneficiaries of an estate or trust, submit a copy of the appropriate Schedule K-1 of Form 1041 or Form 4970.)

Veterans Benefits for FINE Mortuary College

FINE is approved to offer Veteran’s Benefits and Unemployed Training Benefits.

Additional Financial Aid Information

Additional Information from FINE Mortuary College:
Awarding Financial Aid
Important information about Maintaining your Financial Aid Eligibility
Verification Requirements

Additional information about the federal financial aid process is available via: ñ glossary of terms