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Admissions Requirements for Mortuary School

FINE welcomes applications for admission from all persons based on the following requirements.

To be considered for admission to FINE, potential students must submit:

  • a complete signed application form,
  • an official high school transcript or official evidence of earning a GED
  • an official college transcript (if applicable)
  • one complete signed recommendation form
  • the application fee ($75.00)
  • submit all applicable medical clearance forms

Students are required to provide confirmation of medical clearance to enroll at FINE (forms provided by FINE).

FINE reserves the right to make exceptions to its admissions requirements on a case by case basis. Exceptions may be made based upon such factors as an applicant interview or previous academic record. FINE reserves the right to request additional information to determine admissions eligibility for any applicants.

English and Math Assessments

FINE students must demonstrate basic skills in English and math. Before beginning studies at FINE, a student must either transfer college-level math and English credit, provide other academic evidence of academic readiness or take and pass the Skills Assessment administered during Orientation.

Age Recommendation

Although FINE accepts qualified students of all ages, research and experience indicate that more mature students are better emotionally equipped to deal with the bereaved.

State Licensure Notice

It is the responsibility of the applicants to meet the legal and educational requirements prescribed by the laws of the state in which they intend to practice.

Admission Disclaimer

Note: The institution has an ethical obligation to enroll students who can benefit from training as measured by employability. Additionally, the institution is committed to ensuring the safe learning environment for all students.

FINE Mortuary College reserves the right to deny admission, revoke admission, limit enrollment and/or restrict activities of a student.

Disclosure Requirement for Criminal Convictions

In order to provide a safe and stable learning community for all students FINE reserves the right to deny or revoke acceptance or enrollment of any incoming or current student based on that student’s criminal conviction.

A criminal conviction includes any instance where a person has pleaded guilty or no contest to or was found to be guilty by a judge or jury of charges of a crime other than minor traffic offenses. Criminal convictions include juvenile offenses or any conviction that the student is currently appealing while undergoing the admissions process. An applicant or student who discloses a criminal conviction may remain eligible for admission at the discretion of the Admissions Office.

FINE reserves the right to verify or amplify the student’s disclosure and to share the information for legitimate purposes.

FINE Mortuary College Application Process:

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