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FINE Mortuary College’s academic success is shown in its consistently high National Board Scores, its retention rate and its graduation rate. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics in their 2010 IPEDS Data Feedback Report, FINE had a full time student retention rate of 100% and part-time student retention rate of 56%. The graduation rate was 67% while that of comparative colleges was 43%.

Part of the FINE student’s academic success is helped by a constantly low student to faculty ratio. Over the last several years the ratio was about 6 to 1.

Many of FINE’s students are employed at Funeral Homes and elsewhere while they are earning their Associate Degree. Many are able to hold full time jobs since they only need to come to FINE for one, or sometimes two, days a week to attend all their classes each term. This class schedule, in which each in-house class meets only one time per week over the term, helps students pay for their education since they are free more time to work.

Meeting only one-time a week for a given class also allows the student to live at home and travel to the College less frequently than he/she would have to travel to another college (2-3 times a week) for the same class. Thus living at home cuts down on room and board expenses and traveling only once or twice a week to FINE reduces gas and car expenses.

Help to pay for college (see FINE Catalog for Tuition and Fees), in addition to working while in school, comes to about a third of the students through grants. Seventy-one percent are awarded financial aid in the form of Federal Financial Loans. Therefore between remaining employed, staying at home, traveling only one, or perhaps two, days a week to FINE, the student can both earn money while attending college while reducing the expenses of living at and driving to and from the College.

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