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Mortuary Science Degree

The FINE Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Science consists of 19 in-class courses plus two hands-on practical experience courses.  To download our full course catalog, click here!

In-class courses cover the spectrum of funeral service business practices, the emotional and psychological needs of the grieving and the embalming process. FINE’s unique Clinical Cooperative courses involve practical, hands-on training under the direction of funeral service professionals. FINE students study with faculty members who bring experience in all facets of the funeral industry.

FINE’s graduates lead the funeral service industry in New England and across the United States.

Funeral Service Education

FINE Mortuary College offers a single academic degree program, the Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Service.  The degree program consists of 19 campus-based courses at 3 credit hours each, plus two 5 credit hour hands-on practical application courses for a total of 67 credit hours.

Funeral Science Degree Courses

Courses include:

  • Introduction to Social Science
  • Principles of Science
  • Business Basics
  • Introduction Chemistry/Microbiology
  • Issues and Concerns for Modern Professionals
  • Understanding the Human Body
  • Embalming Chemistry
  • The Funeral Profession
  • Psychology of Grief
  • Funeral Directing
  • Essentials of Business
  • Embalming
  • Sanitation, Microbiology, and Public Health
  • Law and Ethics
  • Restorative Art
  • Human Pathology
  • Marketing and Merchandising
  • Comprehensive Studies
  • Reflections
  • Clinical Cooperative I (Internship)
  • Clinical Cooperative II (Internship)

Accredited Mortuary College

The associate degree and FINE Mortuary College are accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE).

FINE is authorized by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education to award the associate degree.

Mortuary Degrees

The Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Service provides FINE students with rigorous academic training in the business and physical practices of the funeral service industry.

A degree in funeral service provides graduates with knowledge in funeral home operations as well as embalming, cremation and the safe, sanitary disposal of human remains.

Distance Education at FINE Mortuary College

FINE offers several courses in its Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Service via distance education.
Students may complete the following courses at home and apply them to their FINE degree plans:

  • Introduction to Social Sciences
  • Basic Business
  • Psychology of Grief
  • Funeral Profession
  • Funeral Directing
  • Law and Ethics
  • Issues and Concerns for Modern Professionals
  • Clinical Cooperative Programs**

*Requires instructor permission
**Taken during final two terms of FINE program